Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Recent Meeting Between Canadian Library Association Exec and Library and Archives Canada Management

Late last month, the Executive Council of the Canadian Library Association (CLA) met with senior management of Library and Archives Canada (LAC), including Dr. Guy Berthiaume, the LAC's new head.

The CLA has published a summary of the meeting on its website.

Among the many issues discussed were:
  • The status of the Trusted Digital Repository
  • Web-harvesting activities to capture born-digital material
  • LAC support for RDA implementation (new cataloguing rules)
  • Concerns regarding procurement of a new National Union Catalogue (for inter-library loans)
  • Federal government departmental library closures
Earlier Library Boy posts on Library and Archives Canada include:
  • Canadian Library Association Dismayed by Federal Budget Impact (May 2, 2012): "The Canadian Library Association (CLA) today released a statement criticizing the 2012 federal budget which it believes will hit federal libraries and Libraries and Archives Canada very hard."
  • Library and Archives Canada Terminates Inter-Library Loan Service (October 31, 2012): "The CLA Govt Library & Professionals Network, part of the Canadian Library Association, has published an announcement from Library and Archives Canada (LAC) that the institution is putting an end to its inter-library loan service in the next few weeks. The LAC's service has been an indispensable tool nationwide for researchers and libraries. "
  • CLA Member Advocacy Survey: The Impact of Federal Budget Cuts on Canada’s Libraries (December 15, 2012): "The Canadian Library Association (CLA) has released the results of its survey on the impact of federal budget cuts (...) More than 400 individuals provided detailed responses to the survey questions. They overwhelmingly agreed that the cuts will impact both local and national library services, with 98% of respondents indicating concern. Areas most likely to be affected were identified, and include: access to material/information, research, interlibrary loans, Community Access Program, preservation, staffing cuts, digital issues."
  • Canadian Association of Law Libraries Urges Reconsideration of LAC Code of Conduct (March 27, 2013): "Earlier this month, it was revealed that Library and Archives Canada (LAC) management was proposing a new code of conduct, a move that sparked a lot of controversy and some apprehension that information professionals were perhaps being muzzled at one of Canada's most important national cultural heritage institutions at a time when it is facing cutbacks and a change in its service mix. In particular, many objections were made to the description of traditional public engagements such as teaching and going to librarian and archivist conferences as potentially 'high risk activities' that may pose a problem under the code's provisions."
  • Law Library Association Endorses Joint Statement on Next Library and Archives Canada Head (June 4, 2013): "The Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL) has endorsed the joint statement of close to 20 provincial and national library and archival associations concerning the qualifications needed by the person who will be chosen as the next head of Library and Archives Canada. Daniel Caron resigned as head of the institution last May."
  • Canadian Library Associations on Upcoming Federal Budget (August 29, 2013): "The Canadian Library Association (CLA) and the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) have prepared submissions (...) One common element of both submissions is the call for more funding for digitization programs by Library and Archives Canada which has been hit by major cutbacks."
  • Library Association Responses to Royal Society of Canada Consultations on Future of Canada's Libraries and Archives (February 10, 2014): "The CAUT [Canadian Association of University Teachers] report in particular is scathing about recent changes and budget cutbacks at Library and Archives Canada and about the closing of federal government libraries."
  • Joint Statement Regarding the Appointment of Guy Berthiaume as New Librarian and Archivist of Canada (April 27, 2014): "Last week, the Archives Association of Ontario, the Association of Parliamentary Libraries in Canada, the Canadian Association of Law Libraries, and the Canadian Library Association issued a joint statement welcoming the appointment of Dr. Berthiaume..."

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