Thursday, October 16, 2014

Updated Library of Parliament Publication on Bulk Water Removals

The Library of Parliament recently updated its background paper on Bulk Water Removals: Canadian Legislation :
"For decades, Canadians have been raising concerns about the possibility of fresh water being removed from Canadian lakes and waterways in bulk, including for export to the United States and beyond. The federal government has consistently opposed bulk removal of Canadian water, but it does not have exclusive jurisdiction over water issues in Canada; substantial jurisdiction resides with the provinces." 
"After outlining the legislative powers relevant to bulk water removals that the Constitution has assigned to Parliament and to the provincial legislatures, this paper briefly discusses legislative developments since a failed Canada-wide accord in 2000, which would have prohibited bulk water removals from Canada’s major watersheds. This paper then outlines, in a table, current federal, provincial and territorial legislation relating to bulk water removals."

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