Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring 2015 Issue of Canadian Library Association Feliciter

The Spring 2015 issue of Feliciter, the journal of the Canadian Library Association (CLA), are is available online.

The issue's theme is "Future Skills, Future Professionals".

From the guest editorial:
"This issue of Feliciter presents both scientific and experiential investigations into the changes and future direction of library professionals within the context of the transformational 21st century library. [Kathleen] DeLong presents an overview of the results of the CARL study (Canadian Association of Research Libraries) and implications for the human resources environment. [Luke] D’Souza, from the perspective of a current MLIS student, discusses the rise of the community-led approach to librarianship and how it is impacting the value of librarianship as a profession. [Cathy] Freer-Leszczybski reports on the practical ways in which Calgary Public Library has responded to the need for new librarian competencies. [Norene] James and [Karen] Reschke examine the inclusion of social responsibility topics within a paraprofessional curriculum. [Siobhan] Stevenson looks at other events impacting public librarianship, notably Makerspaces and [Christina] Neigel calls for further investigation into the “workers” of the library whose competencies are so often considered only within the context of an economic agenda. [Michael] Gorman reminds us of our traditions and roots by asking how we can continue be good stewards of the records of humankind within our contemporary context."

"At first glance this may seem like an eclectic group of articles! However a wide range of issues and topics are what form the nature of this important discussion concerning the future of information professionals at all levels and indeed, the future of libraries in our society. What is salient in all articles is the authors’ inquisitive approach to changes and what it really means to be a part of this field. We, as stewards of information and providers of social inclusiveness, justice and community engagement, may be in transition, but we are steadfast and united in our proactive and impassioned vision of the future."

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