Sunday, October 18, 2015

New Climate Initiatives Database

The Nordic Council of Ministers has commissioned a database called the Climate Initiatives Platform to track initiatives from around the world to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

From the About section:
"The Website is currently a work in progress or 'open beta' release and presents interim results of this ongoing project. The information included on initiatives in this first phase is a 'snapshot' drawn from information provided on publicly available websites and documents. Information was gathered during Autumn 2014 and the authors have attempted to faithfully represent basic information about the initiatives in order to steer the user to the initiative and its work."
Initiatives cover a range of areas including  energy production and supply and renewable energy policy and they have been launched by national and subnational governments, NGOs and corporations.

The database is being updated to present the most recent data and developments during the upcoming COP21 climate conference in Paris. The database will be transferred after the conference to the United Nations Environment Programme.

[Source: Infodocket]

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