Thursday, December 03, 2015

Registry of Digitized Canadian Government Information

Margaret Wall, a University of Toronto librarian currently on research leave, wants to develop an online registry of Canadian government information digitization projects.

In a post shared with various e-mail lists, including the listserv of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries, Wall wrote:
"My goal is for the registry to be a resource for both the library community and for researchers. For researchers, it will function as a centralized access point for digitized government documents and publications. For the library community, it will also function as a resource for confirming whether a particular publication, document or serial has been digitized, so that we are making the best use of limited resources for digitization by reducing duplication. I hope to also add functionality which would allow libraries to find partners for digitization projects if they have resources to share or require resources that others may be able to provide."
She will be documenting her research on a new blog she has created.

Interested parties can share comments with her via the blog.

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