Sunday, November 29, 2015

American Association of Law Libraries to Rebrand as Association for Legal Information

The American Association of Law Libraries, the sister association of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL), has announced that its Executive Board is recommendating that the association change its name to the Association for Legal Information.

Jean P. O'Grady, a Washington-based information professional who writes the Dewey B Strategtic blog, has provided some background:
"Here are some of the issues which demonstrate the compelling need to modernize, enlarge and redefine The American Association of Law Libraries:

Does A Name Or a Title Open Doors or Close Doors? (...)

In 10 Years, Half of AALL Members Will Work in Institutions Without Libraries (...) 

Increasing Opportunities For Members (...)

Moving From Content To Process (...)

Diversity of Membership Will Enhance Opportunity and Creativity (...)

Collaboration Is the Future of Everything (...)

Attracting Innovative Graduates Into the Profession (...) "
CALL is not considering any name change at the moment.


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