Sunday, May 15, 2011

CALL Conference Thomson Reuters Vendor Demo

Thomson Reuters was the third vendor to demo new and enhanced products at a session this afternoon at the annual conference of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries in Calgary.

Canada Law Book was recently taken over by Carswell, part of Thomson Reuters. However, its products are going ahead, among them mobile versions for the Blackberry, iPhone and Smartphone of the Ontario Annual Practice, the British Columbia Annual Practice and Martin's Annual Criminal Code.

Westlaw Canada has introduced various enhancements:
1) when noting up legislation, it is now possible to target legislative subsections and clauses
2) in KeyCite, it is possible to limit the noting up of caselaw and statutes by type of judicial treatment
3) one can indicate term frequency as a search variable - e.g.  one can specify that one is looking for documents in which a term or expression appears at least X times

Westlaw Canada also has a new collection of legal research memos that offer professional analysis in some 10 areas of law at the moment (e.g. criminal law, estates, insurance, personal injury, etc.)

It is also expanding the Carswell eReference Library with upcoming titles in areas such as aboriginal, corporate, estates, insolvency law among others.

There were few details but Westlaw Canada will soon be launching an e-book App.

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