Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why You Need to Attend Annual Conferences

Connie Crosby has published a post at Slaw.ca where she explains the reasons why attending conferences is essential to law library staff.

The reasons:
  • Building a network
  • Access to the legal publishing industry
  • Developing new or existing skills
  • Transfer of tacit knowledge from colleagues
  • Learning the latest trends and technique
  • Meeting future staff members
As she writes:
"I get tired of hearing that conference attendance is a 'perk'. It is absolutely not. When I have attended the CALL [Canadian Association of Law Libraries] conference through the years, it is always an intense few days, seeing me connecting, sharing and learning from 7:30 am often until midnight. There is little down time for leisure activity as we try to pack as much as humanly possible in a few short days."

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