Monday, November 09, 2015

England's Lord Chief Justice Asked to Ditch Wigs, Gowns and Legalese

According to Solicitors Journal, a group called the Criminal Justice Alliance is calling on the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, the head of the British judiciary, to review the use of wigs, gowns, and legalese in the Crown Court.

The Crown Court is a criminal court of original and appellate jurisdiction in England and Wales.

The article explains that a recent reported done at Birkbeck University of London found that many court users often felt marginalized by the delays, chaos and scheduling problems.

The wigs and gowns worn by legal professionals were also alienating asd they created a sense of "other-worldliness".

The Birkbeck report is entitled Structured mayhem:Personal experiences of the Crown Court.

Earlier Library Boy posts about British legal fashion oddities include:

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